Tree Frog Pic

"Strongest Voice in the Forest"

Pacific Communications Technology, Inc., Logo

Our logo is the Pacific Treefrog, Hyla regilla, whose natural environment ranges throughout the Pacific Coast of the United States from Canada to the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. Measuring from _ - 2" long (1.9 5.1 cm), the call of the Pacific Treefrog is frequently the loudest voice heard in the forest. Because of the strength and clarity of this tiny frog's call Hollywood sound artists use the Pacific Treefrog's voice where night and frog sounds are required.

The Pacific Treefrog is proof that even the smallest communications systems can be robust and efficient. Our motto "Strongest Voice in the Forest" illustrates the power of these tiny natural communications networks.

Logo and motto " 2002 David and Dolores Laag, all rights reserved, Logo and Motto are the trade marks of Pacific Communications Technology, Inc., all rights reserved.

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